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  Pre-Season Self-Scouting Survey

Before we can measure where we end up, we all know that we have to know where we are when we start. This may not be the most comfortable or enjoyable exercise we do here during training camp, but it only takes a few minutes and really helps us to focus on how we are doing as a dad right now. I have developed a 10-statement survey for you to fill out below, "The Pre-Season Self-Scouting Survey."

If you don't have the free version of Adobe Reader, you can download it here. I have created a fillable pdf that will allow you to click on the the answer that best describes you as the dad you are today (not the dad you want to be or think you should be). Once you have completed the survey (if you have Adobe Reader), the answers will automatically calculate for you. Whatever letter has the highest answer will identify what type of dad you are today!

Don't worry, I can assure you that the Friday Night Lights for Fathers and Sons Training Camp will help you to become the dad you want to become when you take action and engage with your son!

Pre-Season Self-Scouting Report.pdf